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  5. "Hirvi juoksee metsässä."

"Hirvi juoksee metsässä."

Translation:The moose is running in the forest.

July 29, 2020



Why is it wrong to say 'a' moose, but correct to say the moose?


Really? Why was "a moose" not accepted?


Yes, the answer "A moose is running in the forest" is marked to be wrong. I wonder why. That´s why I ended up in this discussion


Because of the word order. Arguably the most neutral word order of an existential clause or an ownership clause is adverbial-verb-subject, which in this case would be "Metsässä juoksee hirvi", which translates to "There is a moose running in a/the forest". When the word order is subject-verb-adverbial instead, as it is in this sentence, we're talking about a specific instance of whatever the subject is. That's why the definite article is required in the English translation.


A, an and the are all definite articles in English. That being said, I am still confused why "A moose" is not accepted


"A" and "an" are indefinite articles. "There is a moose running in the forest" translates to "Metsässä juoksee hirvi" because word order determines whether the subject in an existential clause is definite or indefinite. If the sentence starts with the subject, then it's definite.


All the Finns I know refer to Hirvi as an elk as this is how it's called in British English. Moose is the American word so both should be accepted. Makes me wonder if Caribou is an accepted translation for Poro...


How do you translate "an elk is running in the forest"compared to "the elk is running in the forest"? It depends on what you mean. Not necessarily is by changing the word order... I would say both are translated with


A moose is a different animal than an elk. It lives in a different habitat and it's antlers are very different to those of an elk. I don't know if Europe even has moose. As to the difference between caribou and reindeer, I don't know if they are different names for the same animal, or not.


"The moose is running in a forest"...? I think that should be accepted? even "moose is running in a/the forest" should be accepted imo

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