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"Matkailu on nyt vaikeaa, koska olemme karanteenissa."

Translation:Traveling is difficult now, because we are in quarantine.

July 29, 2020



Poignant and so true right now


Imagine conceiving this sentence just a year ago - impossible. What a crazy time.


I think that "travel is now difficult because we are in quarrantine" should be accepted


It doesn't matter whether you place now before or after difficult, in English. Both should be accepted.


Duolingo currently does not accept "travel", only "traveling". I reported it today.


Two months later it is still not accepting "Travel." Reported


I've added it now, although it will take some weeks for the course to adopt my edits. There were only two reports in the system with it, so we didn't notice it. Remember to flag alternative translations, folks! :)


Hi Zzzzz... Can we have "traveling is hard..." as well as "difficult"? Or will that mess up something on your end?


@Eehlex I've added it now. It will take a while for the system to adopt my edit. :)


True. But after is more natural in speech.


Agree ..so many unfixed errors


This time last year i was planning to visit Finland for the first time in 2020. At least this course came out, and when i can actually go, I'll know some of the language. :(


The government just approved the release of a vaccine, so you may still have a chance to visit sometime in 2021.


What made you choose Finland? Definitely support the decision but interested in hearing why people choose it!


I'm half Swedish so I've always been interested in the particular region...but as time has gone on, I have ended up with a LOT of Finnish friends online. I was starting to pick up on basic words, and they've also made me fall in love with the place. :)


In English commas should not be used before "because" in all but very exceptional cases. A quick search on grammar websites will back this point up. I've also seen this in the recommended translations for a few other phrases and it'd be good if they can be fixed. Is the use of a comma before "koska" normal in Finnish and should you include a pause in spoken Finnish?


I think in Finnish every subordinate clause require a comma before, from what I've learned.


I'm here to learn Finnish, not punctuation.


Isn’t punctuation part of learning a language? Did you know, for example, that Finns use a comma for a decimal point, instead of a period? That a period is used instead of a colon between hours and minutes when writing the time, or instead of a slash / when writing a date?


Shouldn't travel be impossible if you're quarantined? Difficult only because of the pandemic, but if you get quarantined, you can't even leave your house.


Tourism should be accepted, too!


I said 'Traveling is now difficult because we are UNDER quarantine' and that got marked wrong. Shouldn't it be accepted?


' Travel now is hard, because we are in quarantine' maaaaaaaaaaaybe?


If you were to look up “hard” in an English to Finnish dictionary, vaikea might be included among the definitions, but the first one would likely be kova, which means hard as a measure of the texture of an object.


Wow how contemporary.

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