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Translation:to have as a hobby

July 29, 2020


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The origin of this word is the adjective "harras" - pious, earnest, devout. So it's basically a way of relating to a pastime, doing something you like so much that you are completely devoted to it.


And "harras" itself seems to be a loanword from proto-germanic *harduz, which is the origin of f.e. engl. "hard"


In my view this can also be translated 'to have a hobby'. For example: 'harrastatko jotain?' - 'do you have a hobby?'.

[deactivated user]

    Doesn't harrastaa mean, "to practice" (an art, a pastime, sport or hobby)


    That'd be "harjoitella". "Harrastaa" doesn't have an equivalent in English which is why it's translated like this. And: a hobby = harrastus, so you can see that's a noun version of the verb (or vice versa).

    (Wiktionary also says that you can use "to be into" or "to be interested in" etc. in English in place of the Finnish "harrastaa" and I've never realized this before, but I think it's true. I use those a lot in English and rarely ever call anything a hobby. It's just that those can also be translated several ways in Finnish, so "harrastaa" is not the one and only translation.)


    The WSOY dictionary also offers 'to take an interest in' or 'be interested in'.


    You can say Harrastan taiteita : I have arts as a hobby, meaning I read about arts, visit exhibitions etc. whatever, but you don't make a living in arts.


    to have a hobby = to have as a hobby. Please stop nitpicking on stuff!


    "To hobby" is given as a meaning for this word in the tips for this section. You'd think it would be accepted here.


    hobby is not a verb. The tips give a hint to take the noun hobby and think about it "like an imaginary verb" (to hobby) to grasp the idea of harrastaa in Finnish.

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