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  5. "I am bad at nestball."

"I am bad at nestball."

Translation:Minä olen huono pesäpallossa.

July 29, 2020


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Nestball, are you serious ':D

I don't know what's the idea behind this exercise but pesä in pesäpallo means "base" (as in baseball). It's also "nest" but I've never ever seen it used this way before.

Pesäpallo is a Finnish game quite similar to baseball, see Pesäpallo in Wikipedia.


Yeah, I am reporting it as well.


Minä can be omitted here


in former question you rejected my answer because I used minä ,now you do not accept it because I did not use minä

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Duolingo isn't the best with translations where some parts can be omitted. What you described are errors and the team is constantly working on them. You can help them by using the small flag button and reporting the errors when you encounter them.

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