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"Se on onnellinen, koska sillä on uusi lelu."

Translation:It is happy because it has a new toy.

July 30, 2020



I think he/she should be accepted for the English translation. It's very strange (in my English) to talk about the emotional state of an animal while still giving it an object pronoun.


I suspect they're trying to make sure we know that in Finnish pets are "it". But yes, it's odd and uncomfortable for me, too.


Is it typical to refer to pets using se and not hän? I always refer to my dog with she/her/hers


Yes, and it is also typical to refer to people with "se/ne".


On Duolingo, billy goats and drakes are not called "he" and nanny goats and cows are not called "she". Both are called "it".


"Se" is more common in spoken Finnish for everyone and everything while "hän" is quite formal in most dialects. We really do call people "it" all the time and it's perfectly neutral in casual contexts.

However, if you are referring to a pet or a baby when they are present, it's fairly common to say "hän". You generally avoid saying "se" of a person who is present (obviously it gets a bit rude if you talk for someone all the time instead of letting them say what they think) but since you can't directly address someone who can't talk (yet) you can use "hän".


Could someone talk about that sillä? Is it just the nonhuman form of hänella?


Se on = it is. Sillä on = it has

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