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Just finished the beta Navajo course!

Just finished it late last night, I honestly wish it was longer and out of beta, dose anyone know a good app/ website or book to use to continue learning?

July 30, 2020


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There are actually quite a number of resources available. They usually cost money, though.

Rosetta Stone has a Navajo course. uTalk Navajo Audio book. Speak Navajo (MP3/PDF). Audible Rhythms Easy Navajo. Instant Immersion Navajo Course. App Beginner Navajo.

There are also various lessons on YouTube.

Just a few that come up right away with a Google search. Don't know what's good or can be recommended. Since the pronunciation is very difficult, you might want to use something with audio.


Thank you for the information, I will definitely check those out.

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    Lots of audio and words!


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