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  5. "De grond is bruin."

"De grond is bruin."

Translation:The ground is brown.

August 11, 2014



Ohhh boy... the pronunciation difference of "Hond" and "Grond" is not much. :s


I have the same problem...


Just pay attention to the pronounciation of the 'r'. ;)


there are even different letter sounds in the fast version or the slow version. I read months ago in a discussion there was an upgrade for the voice coming?


Earth is mentioned as an alternative translation: why is it not accepted here? "Grond" could mean the earth that is being cultivated for example.


It should be correct. You should report it. Indeed "earth" (NL) is 'ground (EN) as stuff that you plow or grow your vegetables in/on, whereas "grond" (NL) is 'ground' (EN) when you walk on it and stuff.


Does grond mean soil as well?


I tried to check it out in the van Dale online dictionary, and though I do not yet understand everything, I came to the following conclusion:

soil is aarde, while grond can as well be used for the bottom of a lake etc., so grond seems to me to be more the superficial aspect or the thing in general, like possession of hectars of it, and aarde the material as such, the handful, the content of the flowerpot etc...


I tried "The bottom is brown" and it wasn't accepted. Why?


because grond doesn't mean bottom, it means ground.


So how do you say "ground floor"? Grond grond?


de eerste vloer.

Everywhere but the US considers street level as the first floor.

Here's the closest to literal: Ik ben op de begane grond

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