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"Koira, jolla on kuusi pentua, yrittää seisoa."

Translation:The dog, which has six puppies, is trying to stand.

July 30, 2020



can who be used instead of which?


In normal English, yes. But this is the dialect known as Duolingo. In Duolingo, animals are not he or she. They are it. "Who" is for people and "which" is for animals.


I think, it's not normal English. On the contrary, normal English refers animals as "it". From my experience, people tend to call their pets "he" or "she" because they don't want treat them as things. Sometimes people refer to, for instance, their guitar as "she" because they love it so much. But I don't think it makes this English normal.


Does a Finnish clause like the "jolla..." clause above only have "aside" meaning (e.g. "The dog (which by the way has six puppies) is trying to stand" or can it also have qualifier meaning (e.g. "The dog (the one that has six puppies) is trying to stand")? If both, then it seems like either "that" or "which" should be accepted in the English translation.


Yeah, it can be restrictive or non-restrictive.


I used "that" instead of "which," and "that" should also be accepted but it was marked wrong. There's not enough context to show whether the clause is restrictive or nonrestrictive, so both "that" and "which" are acceptable. And you can't tell from the Finnish, because (apparently) there will always be commas setting the clause off, whether it is meant as restrictive or nonrestrictive. Reported.


Why Jolla here and not joka?


You have to go with the adessive form here, since that's how you express possession in Finnish.


Thank you. So it is the same form as minulla to minä only in the who-type..(jolla to joka) I think I understand now.


Why not "the dog THAT has..."?


'pups' should be accepted as well as 'puppies'


I agree with Ian & Lazarev that in Britain we treat the domestic animals as though they were part of the family and are 'he' or 'she' and 'who' rather than 'it'


I agree with those English speakers who suggest that we do not treat dogs as inanimate objects or unintelligent beings and that we would refer to them as 'he' or 'she' rather than 'it' and thus we would always say 'who' rather than 'which'. Perhaps Duolingo could learn to be more adaptable so that it could be correct rather than incorrect?

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