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  5. "Vadelma on makea marja."

"Vadelma on makea marja."

Translation:The raspberry is a sweet berry.

July 30, 2020



I don't think "the" is necessary here as the Finnish sentence is not talking about just one particular raspberry but raspberries in general. Therefore, I believe "Raspberry is a sweet berry" should be the correct translation.


In English we also use the definite article to say something about all the things referred to by a noun. The raspberry is a sweet berry= Raspberries are sweet berries. Hence the "The" is required in the English translation. "A raspberry..." also makes sense and ought to be accepted but not "Raspberry..." with no article. That's more likely to be referring to a flavour, essence or colour. Raspberry is a sweet flavour(of ice cream for example).


"A raspberry", "the raspberry" and "raspberry" should all be acceptable.


Ditto. Hope you reported.


Please, add "raspberry", and "a raspberry", as they are correct in this case too.

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