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"The naughty cats bite the old lady."

Translation:Tuhmat kissat puraisevat vanhaa mummoa.

July 30, 2020



Should vanhaa nainen be accepted? I got a little confused with the translation for old lady as I though mummo is grandma


Mummo is grandma, but it can be used to mean any old lady in general. Vanha nainen should definitely be accepted here, but the correct way to write it in the partitive would be "vanhaa naista"


That's great to know! Thank you for explaining it


Is it socially acceptable to call "mummo" a person you don't know very well? Because in my mother tongue it's considered rather rude.


Shouldn't mummo just be accepted on its own, no vanha? I thought it already meant old lady in the vein of "granny"


So mummo is not just grandma, but lady? Or there is a mistake? I see another sentence had "vanha rouva", which is probably what I would have written if there were no pre-written options. A bit confused about this.

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