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"Oululainen nainen opiskelee kemiaa yliopistossa."

Translation:The woman from Oulu studies chemistry at university.

July 30, 2020



"At university" is correct but rather sharp in English. "At a university" or "at the university" should work better.


"the woman from oulu studies chemistry in the university" should be accepted


That would be yliopistolla. :)


How about 'the Oulu woman studies chemistry at university' ?


Sounds odd. Not something a native speaker would say


So.. I always thought 'lukea' rather than 'opiskelee' was the term to use in relation to university subjects from the conversation I've had in this area, anyone able to explain why and how it fits together or am I just off on a tangent?


Both "opiskella" and "lukea" are used, but "lukea" is a bit more literary, I'd say.


Can lukea be used if you are studying a subject as a self-learner, for example? Since opiskella only applies if you are learning it at an institution like a University


Not really. opetella is the best verb for that. Note that it's a verb that goes through reverse consonant gradation when you start conjugating it. So, double your T's. :)

  • opettelen
  • opettelet
  • opettelee
  • opettelemme
  • opettelette
  • opettelevat

The negative form is opettele. Example:

  • En opettele tänään suomea. I'm not/won't be studying Finnish today.


Is "in University" actually wrong?

In American English we tend to say "we are IN college," so in seemed very natural to me. I'm flagging it just in case.


A woman. Reported

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