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"Haluaisitko vielä jotain? Ehkä kuppi kahvia?"

Translation:Would you like to have something else? Perhaps a cup of coffee?

July 30, 2020



"Would you like anything else?" is perfectly acceptable and more natural.


Agreed. Although in my area, wait staff usually ask "tuleeko mitään muuta?"


What does that exactly mean?


He asks "if there is anything else that they want."


The best translation is "will there be anything else?" A literal word for word one would be very awkward.


Agreed. I get confused about where the extra words are meant to go.


Would you like to have something else does not sound like the correct translation, as it sort of implies that you would like something instead of the thing you got. Meanwhile the question in Finnish is only asking if you'd like anything else (as in, in addition).


For whatever it's worth, DuoGurus, getting this exercise twice in a row, first where I need to translate it Finnish-to-English (typing), and next needing to type out what I heard in Finnish, is an especially good learning tool. I've noticed it on previous exercises, too. Not sure if the system can be rigged to do more of these "double-taps," but if it can, that might be a worthwhile setting.


"Do you want something else" should be acceptable too, it sounds more natural.


What grammatical form is "haluaisitko"?


Haluaisit is conditional, and with the interrogatory ko, it becomes "would you like?"


Ah, conditional. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot!


"Ehkä kuppi kahvia" does not sound right. Should be: "Ehkä kupin kahvia".


I find it difficult to hear a question in the first part of this (maybe because it’s so different from the Italian I’m learning too) - do Finns not put a questioning inflexion into their voices?


There's no rising intonation Finnish questions, if that's what you're asking. Finnish intonation is rather stale in general, but that's not really an issue because questions can be expressed with other means. "Vuoi qualcosa" can be both a statement and a question depending on the intonation, but Finnish would express the question as "Haluatko (sinä) jotain?" and the statement as "(Sinä) haluat jotain". The word order is different and the -ko/-kö suffix is attached to the finite verb in questions if there is no interrogative adverb/pronoun in the question.


That’s helpful- kiitos

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