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"I am looking for the charger, because the battery is dead."

Translation:Etsin laturia, koska akku on loppu.

July 30, 2020



Come on already, please fix the issue with pronouns. "Minä etsin laturia, koska akku on loppu" is as correct as the one without "minä" Most disturbing is the inconsistency - some times using a pronoun is the only correct way and other times they only count if not using one.


I flag this one every time I encounter it...which is practically daily. Hopefully they'll get them all fixed soon.


This is so annoying that they wont accept such common sense answers.


Reported also with flag, marked wrong for "minä etsin..."


I agree with others, please fix the problem with pronouns. Thank you!


To be fair to them, they are fixing them but it just takes time because there's so much to do and I believe it's volunteers doing it. I have reported lots of things like this using the flag and the "my answer should be correct" (or however it is worded) and have subseqently received messages to say that it has been changed in accordance with my feedback. It can take a while but they are not deliberately ignoring you, my guess is that there are just not enough volunteers to do everything promptly.


Don't give me a head akku, I'll charge it laturia.

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