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  5. "Suomi on pohjoinen maa."

"Suomi on pohjoinen maa."

Translation:Finland is a northern country.

July 30, 2020



Why is north and northern the same word?


they just are lol. you can not conjugate the word pohjoinen because it is already in that form. like etelä (South) eteläinen (southern), but pohjoinen already has the -nen in the end


Hei, pohjoinen 'north' was derived from pohja 'ground', presumably referring to the direction in which shadows fall on the ground on sunny days. So the noun is the older one and pohjoinen was first used as an adjective in the 19th century, although technically it was a noun.. Today it's both :)


Why is Nordic country not accepted?


Nordic countries as a coined term is "Pohjoismaat" in Finnish. Northern countries as a general concept rather than a name is "pohjoiset maat".

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