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"That owl perches quietly, but this owl says hoot."

Translation:Tuo pöllö istuu hiljaa, mutta tämä pöllö sanoo huhuu.

July 30, 2020



If the word for 'perches' and 'sits' is the same, why translate it to perches?


I assume it is somehow simillar to Russian: a bird perches = a bird sits down; an airplane lands = an airplane sits down


Because in English birds don't sit, they perch.


I'm a native English speaker, and birds can definitely be said to "sit." To "perch" is a specific kind of sitting, particularly on a relatively small surface at a relatively higher altitude than other larger available surfaces. A bird can perch on a tree branch or a telephone wire, but sitting on the ground isn't perching.


Could somebody help me figure out the differences among hilja(a), hiljainen and hiljaisesti? In this case, I would have expected to see "hiljaisesti." Can't seem to get it straight. I know I've often got it wrong outside Duo, as well. Thanks.


From what I've seen, hiljainen is more of an adjective: "quiet" while hiljaa might be more of an adverb: "quietly." But Idk hiljaisesti.


I believe hiljaa and hiljaisesti are synonyms. In some exercises, both are now accepted.


Is there any particular position for the adverb in Finnish? I put hiljaa before the verb, but apparently it is wrong...

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