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"De echtgenote ziet haar echtgenoot."

Translation:The wife sees her husband.

August 11, 2014



What is more common for wife/husband? Is it vrouw/man or echtgenote/echtgenoot?


Echtgenoot/Echtgenote is a bit more formal than vrouw/man


Is it possible to use either echtgenote/echtgenoot or vrouw/man for couples who are not officially married?


I think you can use vrouw/man if not officially married, but echtgenote/echtgenoot implies actual marriage


I think so too, but using vriend/vriendin is more common than man/vrouw for people who aren't married.

Echtgenoot/echtgenote indeed implies being married: in de echt verbonden (formal way of saying it) = getrouwd = being married.


Vriend/vriendin is most common for unmarried, but in a committed longterm relationship. Man/vrouw hints to being married. For a less committed relationship (e.g. teenagers) you can use vriendje/vriendinnetje.


@Gement vriend/vriendin means unmarried partner/boyfriend/girlfriend (for adults) vriendje/vriendinnetje means boyfriend/girlfriend (for teens), echtgenoot/echtgenote means "the person you share your marriage with", which is used for married people. Usually people say man/vrouw when married.


For same-sex couples, would you just use the same word twice?


Echtgenote is really hard to say. It feels like I'm gonna cough up phlegm when I try and say it, lol! (Gross, I know, sorry)


You got this far without feeling like that!

One week I had a cold and had to give up pronouncing the g's because it hurt my throat.


You should try Arabic or Hebrew ;) And you're doing it wrong if it hurts that badly. Take the advice given to singers. Stay hydrated, don't eat hard crunchy food before trying to speak Dutch, and practice different techniques until it doesn't hurt anymore. I speak German, Dutch, Swedish and Hebrew, and it doesn't bother my throat in the slightest.


Is there any difference in the pronunciation of "echtgenote" and "echtgenoot" ?


Yes, the e at the end of echtgenote is not silent, so compared to echtgenoot it has an extra sound at the end: the unstressed e or schwa, you can find some examples here: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html#voicelessE


The recording sounded like thet didnt pronouce the g like the clearing throay sound..

Do you pronouce both "ch" and the "g" as two clearing throat sounds or one


The pronunciation is correct, you pronounce both the ch and the g separately since it's echtgenote not echgenote.


It must be my hearing because i could only hear Echtnote But dank je for the clarification


bride for echtgenote is not ok?


Bride = bruid, and someone is only a bride on their wedding day: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/bride


Should "The wife is seeing her husband" be accepted?


Why "looking at" for "seeing" is wrong?


Because looking at is not the same as seeing, “kijken naar” is the Dutch equivalent

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