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"Laulussa morsian itkee ja sulhanen nauraa."

Translation:In the song, the bride is crying and the groom is laughing.

July 30, 2020



Is there an actual song that features a crying briide and a laughing groom?


Could be something traditional or "Lelukaupan häät" by Miljoonasade.


Would 'the bride cries and the groom laughs' be acceptable here?


Does this mean "during the song" or is it actually within a particular song? If it's not the former, how would you say "during the song"?


This sentence refers to the lyrics of the song. The literal translation for "during the song" is laulun aikana but it would sound odd in a sentence like this. Laulu itkettää morsianta ja naurattaa sulhasta or Laulu saa morsiamen itkemään ja sulhasen nauramaan would be better sentences if you're talking about the effect the song has on people. Both translate as "The song makes/is making the bride cry and the groom laugh". :)


Thank you for the explanation. It was very refreshing, and I feel a sudden urge to eat mämmi where before I hadn't the confidence to do so.


Awesome, thank you!


bridegroom is also correct


I’m wondering if the bride cries and the groom laughs would be acceptable


I can't get past WHY the groom would be laughing at his crying bride. Grrr


Interesting that you interpreted it this way. Maybe the laughing onion sentence is to blame for this. :P Were the groom laughing at her you would most likely specify that Morsian itkee ja sulhanen nauraa hänelle. Many people react to being very happy by crying and that's definitely the idea here too, although your interpretation is also valid. In Finnish we would say Morsian itkee onnesta, "The bride cries out of happiness/tears of happiness". So don't worry about the bride. She's doing better than fine. :)


Maybe he just shoved a piece of wedding cake in her face? :)


Maybe in the classic Bluebeard story.


Why is "a bride" and "a groom" incorrect? Oversight? Or is there a reason for it?


An oversight, unfortunately. I've added it now. :)

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