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(Unofficial) Hindi Stories - Set 2

नमस्कार दोस्तों!

This is in reference to the Interactive Unofficial Stories Project.

Any doubts and queries regarding Set-2 Stories feel free to discuss here. This is a community-driven project so corrections, questions, feedback will be appreciated. Hindi-Translators: Surya Rose, Saanu Mathew, Alexander Brown, sayooj menon-sanjay

Story 1. The Green Dress

Story 2. My favorite pen

Story 3. A Big Family

Story 4. The Store

Story 5. A New Coat

Story 6. The Reservation

Story 7. The Passport

Story 10. Friends

Home Page(Hindi All Sets)

July 31, 2020



these are so amazing, it is almost as if they were made by the duolingo company themselves!! congratulations to the hindi translators who made these stories, they should really be proud. you have my lingot ♥


Hey thank you so much, that means a lot. Hope these stories would make some difference to learners on their Hindi journey. Also we have translations for many unsupported languages on the website.


Story 3 a big family does not seem complete, it ends sending you to the discussion page and does not show you have finished the story by changing colour and sending you to complete other stories in the set.


Yes, I fixed that but unfortunately we have a bug in the page itself, so we won't be able to publish any until that's fixed, and also it affected "A big family", so you won't be able to access that either. I'm sorry.


I am enjoying the stories thank you


Awesome job. Bahuth, bahuth dhanyavad.

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