"Ela tem cem bolsas."

Translation:She has a hundred bags.

August 11, 2014

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It's possible they chose this number to illustrate a difference between Portuguese and English. Notice the Portuguese doesn't use the indefinite article whereas in English we have to say "a hundred" (or "one hundred") rather than the literal "She has hundred bags".


"She has a hundred bags" could also be translated as "ela tem uma centena de bolsas"... Which is in fact closer to "a hundred", whereas "cem" would be closer to "one hundred"... (Does she have exactly one hundred bags, counted, or is it just an approximation?)


What does this even mean


She is bag addicted.


Like Imelda Marcos with her shoes. ;)


She's a Bag Lady!


It means she has more money than she knows what to do with


So its an expression? (Of the language or a country/region?)

How is it that "purses" was wrong!??



No, not an expression. I just was trying to make a joke that if she can afford a hundred bags, she probably has too much money on her hands :) :)

"She has a hundred purses" would be the correct translation of this sentence IMO. I believe Duolingo got it wrong this time.

In Brazilian Portuguese we would normally use the word "mala" for translating the word "bag", so for it to be "She has a hundred bags", the sentence in Portuguese would need to be "Ela tem cem malas"

(undefined) Bag => Mala Handbag / Purse => Bolsa Shopping Bag => Sacola Backpack => Mochila


Bag, purse should be accepted. Depending on the country you come from.

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