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"– What is the time? – Half past nine."

Translation:–Paljonko kello on? – Puoli kymmenen.

July 31, 2020



Why is it always an extra hour? Can somebody explain? It makes me confused as hell hahaha


An extra hour? Do you mean kymmenen instead of yhdeksän? It's just a diffrent way of saying the time, I was very confused when introduced to the English way "half past x". You just have to get used to it. Also, there's no extra hour, we say that it's "half x" not "half past x".


Yes!! I meant that instead of "puoli yhdeksän", why do they use "pouli kymmenen", thank you a lot for understand me and for the explanation haha


Ok here is how I figure it Americans say it is half past 9 Finns say it is half to 10 Maybe not correct to Finns but a lot easier for my American time set!

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