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"Those brown camels are standing together silently."

Translation:Nuo ruskeat kamelit seisovat hiljaa yhdessä.

July 31, 2020



I wish Duolingo would tell us why something is incorrect rather than just showing the correct answer (and, in this case, both hiljaa yhdessä and yhdessä hiljaa are correct, no?)


The adverbs (together, silently) are in the opposite order in Finnish -- is there a reason why?


I'm a Finn but not an expert at linguistics, so don't take my answer as the only true answer. But I think they both should be accepted. In English adverbs often like to go to the end apparently, but in Finnish you can use them to modify other words in the sentence. This is how I think I see the difference:

  • kamelit seisovat hiljaa yhdessä -> the act of standing silently is more important here
  • kamelit seisovat yhdessä hiljaa -> and here the emphasiz is on the fact they are standing there, together
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