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Accurate point count for translations?

I didn't do much translating when working through the lessons. Since I've about run that well dry, I have been translating more sentences, and translating more sentences in one document. I have noticed on several times (a goodly proportion) that the total points that are credited to my stream are a lot less than what I expected. I don't do it for the points, but it just doesn't seem right or fair. Probably, I am just missing some 'rule'. I'm not aware of an limits for the documents that I have worked on. Why am I sometimes (several times) seeing a lot (like half) of the points that I expected?

August 20, 2012



Anybody? The more sentences I do in one document, the more points that I do not credit for, as much as 50% less than it should be. Is there a filter for 'suspect translations' that reduces points? I've been doing new documents that no one, or very few people, have done yet. I feel like my translations are pretty good, but often get a low percentage of 'agreement from our dictionaries'. But the dictionaries often suck and I know that my translation, while maybe not awesome, is way better than what the program offers up.


I see what's happening now. If the translation 'looks wrong', then no points. This is a very strong disincentive to do the the higher point translations or to choose the new documents that haven't been translated a number of times yet and developed a 'correct' answer.

I'm not all that interested in racking up points with the easy ones, but screw doing the harder ones well and getting nothing.


I also get punished for not translating in a literal way. That is, if I rearrange the passage to best express the thought in English, the hammer falls.

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