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"Se on piilossa keskellä metsää."

Translation:It is hiding in the middle of the forest.

July 31, 2020



Why wouldn't it be "metsässä" here?


It's either "keskellä metsää" or "metsän keskellä". Here's agood source on pre- and postpositions and the cases they use: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/syntax/constructions/finnish-prepositions-prepositiot-partitiivi/


"It is hidden" would be wrong?


That has a different meaning.

"It is hiding," is active. It means that it (presumably an animal) is hiding itself. It has moved itself into a position where it cannot easily be found.

"It is hidden," is passive. It means that someone or something else has put it somewhere where it can't be found easily. "It" could refer to an animal, but it seems more likely to refer to something inanimate (or at least an animal that can't move so well and is likely to stay in the hiding spot, such as baby bird).

I believe "It is hidden" is much closer to "Se on piilotettu," in Finnish, but someone who speaks Finnish natively or at least fluently could advise better.


Thanks. I know the difference between the English expressions, but I wasn't sure whether the same difference applies to Finnish. The dictionary I checked offers "hidden" as one of the translation options:



Came here wondering the same thing.


I wrote woods and it marked it as wrong


I thought it would be It is a hiding place in the middle of the forest. How would I know the correct translation?

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