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  5. "They see powerful horses."

"They see powerful horses."

Translation:Kostōbī annī urnesi.

July 31, 2020



I'm so confused. So where is Anne, Anni and Annī used?


To quickly summarize,

  • Anne "horse" - singular nominative; Anne vale urnes "the horse sees a man"
  • Anni "horses" - plural nominative; Anni vale urnesi "The horses see a man"
  • Annī "horse(s)" - singular and plural accusative. Vala annī urnes could mean either "the man sees a horse" or "the man sees horses." Both translations are equally valid, absent any additional clues.

You can find a complete table on the wiki: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Noun_Declensions

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