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For those who are learning brazilian portuguese as a foreign language.

This article shows a very interesting point of view and explains why learning brazilian portuguese is a smart choice as well as fun and usefull. http://moreintelligentlife.com/content/ideas/helen-joyce/brazilian-portuguese-best-language

August 11, 2014



My Portuguese is really pretty bad, but as the article predicts I was told my Portuguese was wonderful at least a couple of times while I was in Brazil. I was reminded of this quote from an article that pokes gentle fun at the Brazilian mindset:

What Brazilians say: You speak Portuguese really, really well! (Você fala português super-bem!)
What foreigners hear: How great! My grammar and accent must be coming on a lot better than I thought
What Brazilians mean: How great! A foreigner is trying to learn Portuguese! Admittedly, the grammar and accent are so awful I can barely understand a word... but anyway! A foreigner is trying to learn Portuguese!

For more like that see Portuguese for the perplexed and More perplexing Portuguese and a blog post (in Portuguese) called Curiosidades Brasileiras which inspired them.


From the article: "Some lunatics learn languages for fun" LOL

It's true, Brazil looks like a good place to start business and has beautiful beaches!


I am one of those lunatics XD


> "Some lunatics learn languages for fun"

I am proud to be one of those lunatics! I started here on Duolingo learning Spanish, then when my attention span snapped I switched to Italian, and now I'm starting Portuguese. And I've actually taken that lunacy even further by inventing my own language. Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Is that new language Sportuliano - a mix of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian? :P


No, actually. :) I started working on it years ago, long before Luis ever thought of Duolingo. (So I kind of phrased my first comment badly.) I think Portuguese is already 89% Spanish, with a bit of Italian and French thrown in. (That's not actually how it works, but it's a decent way to imagine it.)

The language I'm inventing is a priori (which means it's entirely original, not based on any existing language). Which means I'm super-luny. :-P


Nah that's awesome, maybe some day we can see it somewhere online :)


Great article. As a start-up guy who visits Brazil regularly I can confirm RE: market potential. This is only going to become more relevant as the wealth gap shrinks. Anyways, thanks!


Also, Brazilians have forró <3


Pois eu já estou querendo sair do Brasil por causa do forró hehehe

Brincadeira :D


I loved that article, thank you. Because of my job, I know quite a few Brazilians & as the article said: "The people are friendly, and shameless white liars." From what I know, that's true. They're great fun to be around. Brazilian people are the best kind of people to know! :)


What does "white liars" means ?


A white lie = a small lie to be nice/polite. For example, someone asks you if their guitar playing was bad, and you say "No, no, it was very creative, I liked it." when really you didn't like it :P Edit: Or as the article says, people telling you your Portuguese is wonderful when you're still a beginner.


It's actually quite true. I've heard it countless times in Brazil while I was still a very beginner. It really does make you feel better and keeps you motivated. Brazilian people are very patient and encouraging when it comes to foreigners speaking their language. But when the first Portuguese person told me my Portuguese is very good, that was the moment to celebrate :)


Haha shameless liars indeed! I was told by my Portuguese buddies that my accent was ok after just the first 3 months of learning. That was fine by me even though I knew it couldn't be true but it was a great motivator. I still appreciate their kind white lies because it's what has kept me from giving up.


I sing Jobim songs in Brazilian Portuguese...just started the Portuguese course..is this Brazilian Portuguese that we're learning? I'm loving this site!


it depends what profession one wants to get into. in terms of national security/counter-terrorism, arabic is most likely the most useful language to know. if one goes into border security, then spanish is obviously the recommended language. in cybersecurity, any language that operates the internet is useful. one shouldnt read these types of articles for guidance, but more of a new point of view.


Great post, to the point. :-)


Does someone know any website where I can download some portuguese podcasts and their transcripts in order to read and listen at the same time?

Pleas advice


I’m not sure if that’s what you want, but you can take a look at Conversa Brasileira: http://www.coerll.utexas.edu/brazilpod/cob/


Yeah!! Thank you!! that would be very helpful, that´s the way I learned english (I´m from Mexico)


"Some lunatics learn languages for fun" :))))

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