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Keeping track of assignments

Hi guys!

I read several posts about this topic, but I still have a doubt.

If I assign something to my students, there's no way for students to keep track of their assignments if they only use the app, right?

They have to use the desktop version or access it using the mobile browser, correct?

Are there plans to change that? Any kind of update in the works? I mean, it'd be so much easier if they could do it using just the app. Like, a new tab or something. Many of my students don't even own a laptop computer or PC. :(

I didn't know Duolingo for schools was a thing up until very recently, and I'm very interested in using it.

Thank you! :)

July 31, 2020

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Hi, GustavoRoussin!

I'm the opposite. I don't own a phone. :) (Teacher's salary, don'tcha know.) So I am actually not very acquainted with the app.

What I can tell you is, even though my students all have computers and see the assignments, and are all high schoolers and really ought to be taking responsibility, they still need constant reminders as to what the assignment is.

So I post it on our Learning Management system, I tell them at the beginning and the end of our online classes, I put announcements in the gradebook, I put the due dates in the gradebook, I mention it at the beginning and end of every video I make for them, and I e-mail them. And I CC their parents, because I know that they don't read their e-mail. I reach out to my students every way that I can.

So my advice to you is not to rely on the students seeing the notifications from Duolingo, anyway. Just keep reaching out to your students in all your normal methods.

For me, the crucial piece of Duolingo for schools is being able to track what my students do. And that they also get that instant feedback that is so important, but also so difficult to give in our current learning environment.

Just my two cents.

Good luck to you, and keep your questions coming! We are all in this together.

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