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  5. "On iltapäivä."

"On iltapäivä."

Translation:It is afternoon.

August 1, 2020



That's weird to see a wird combining a and ä when you get habituated to vowel harmony

[deactivated user]

    Compound words don't follow vowel harmony.


    I am mistaken, but shouldn't this be "it is the afternoon"?


    No article is used in English for a noun that denotes a time of day. The exceptions are:

    • When the noun is modified by an adjective, e.g. "a wild night".
    • When it's a time of day from a specific day that is clear from the situational context, e.g. "I woke up. The morning was cloudy".
    • When it's a time of day from a specific day that is clear from the linguistic context, e.g. "the day we met".
    • The phrases "in the morning", "in the afternoon", and "in the evening". Note that the phrase "at night" is preferred when talking about nighttime.


    Thanks Kristian, I was reading it "it is the afternoon" rather than just "it is afternoon" as in after noon. My bad and thanks for the detailed response.


    I'm a native English speaker and i would say "it's the afternoon"

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