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"I will be sleeping at twelve o'clock."

Translation:Bidh mi a' cadal aig dà uair dheug.

August 1, 2020



Why "aon uair deug" but "dà uair dheug" ?


I believe it is because dà takes the lenited form. )not singular and yet not plural... love Gaelic!


Does anyone know of guidelines that will tell me when I should use 'da' and when 'dha' for 'two'. I am utterly and completely confused!


What I know is that if you name two somethings, like two boats or two dogs, it takes the dà form. If you just say "there are two" or "I need two" or you not naming what the two things are then you use dhà. I don't know if that covers everything, but it is a start.


That's very helpful, thank you. I have gathered from another thread that if you are just using 'two' it is dhà but if it is two anything it is dà with the following word lenited. I have no idea WHY but at least I now have a rule that I can follow.

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