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"What! How can that piece of jewelry cost five hundred euros?"

Translation:Mitä! Kuinka tuo koru voi maksaa viisisataa euroa?

August 1, 2020



DL rejected: -Mitä! Kuinka voi tuo koru maksaa viisisataa euroa?- Clearly it is more like the english, but would it be understood in Finnish? The -How can- seems to be the heart of the sentence.


It would be understood, but it does sound a bit unusual. Questions and statements tend to have the same subject-predicate word order, but for the sake of emphasis you can also always shift things around a bit. :)

"Tuo koru voi maksaa 500 euroa."

"Kuinka tuo koru voi maksaa 500 euroa?

"Hän on lapsi?"

"Kuka hän on?


So how would you interpret the difference between "Kuinka tuo koru voi maksaa..." and "Kuinka voi tuo koru maksaa..."?


Thanks, pieni-chilipalko.


I went against my instincts here, which are to place the proper conjugation of voida as an auxiliary verb immediately before the infinitive. And my instincts would have been correct, lol. First mistake today.

[deactivated user]

    Does it matter whether the exclamation is "mikä!" or "mitä!"?


    Can someone explain why it's "Kuinka tuo koru voi maksaa..." and not "Kuonka voi tuo koru maksaa..." (Im having trouble understanding the sentence structure


    Good question gumm13b34r, I'm trying to glean from pieni_chilipalko's elaboration above, that the exclamation begining with "What!" (Mita!) may allow us to arc or stretch across the subject koru, "how can [koru]..." as "how [koru] can...


    I'm tricking my brain with a silent addition, thus: "What!? How that piece of jewellery can cost 500 euros (I just don't know!)" which reminds me what order it goes in in Finnish :)


    Why do I need to use "kuinka" and not "miten"?


    Both are correct here


    Is "voi" really awkward or is it just my ear?

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