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  5. "I am in Spain."

"I am in Spain."

Translation:Tha mi anns an Spàinn.

August 1, 2020



Bit confused betwen ann an and anns an


ann an is basically a single word meaning in. It changes to anns before a definite article, so ann an in + an theanns an in the and similarly in plural ann an in + na theanns na in the (pl.).

Since many countries in Scottish have the article an the in their names (eg. an Spàinn Spain, literally the Spain) you use anns with them: anns an Spàin, lit. in the Spain.

Similarly you’d say ann an coilltean for in woods vs. anns na coilltean for in the woods, or ann am bàta in a boat vs. anns a’ bhàta in the boat.

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