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"The big trees are still growing."

Translation:Isot puut kasvavat vielä.

August 1, 2020



I heard that the word order in Finnish is quite flexible, though I'm not sure if I should I report "Isot puut vielä kasvavat" as a correct answer? Any native speakers able to help me out?


It doesn't sound natural without context. Your sentence emphasizes "vielä" much more than Duolingo's does. Your sentence sounds like a reactionary sentence (They are still growing, can you believe?) In Finnish most word orders aren't necessarily incorrect, but they sound weird without context.


Really confusing when every example in a month of practicing this course teaches that vielä comes before the verb and suddenly it is only accepted at the end here.


I agree with you ! Most confusing !


I'm still confused as to the position of vielä in a sentence...

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