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Is Duolingo going to put more Latin lessons online? I really miss my daily exercises.

August 1, 2020



At some point there will be more, it just may be a while: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38030583

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Memrise has quite a few Latin courses to try while we wait for more Latin on Duolingo! The trick is that you have to use the website, NOT the app, to find them (because they are community-created, not 'official'.) Find them here: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/latin/ I recommend Carpe Lanam's Latin and the companion course, Carpe Lanam's Latin--Sentences, but there are plenty of courses to choose from.


I’m puzzled by your post. I finished the Latin tree—all gold—some months ago, and I still exercise it every day. And I eagerly await the expansion, too. Have fun learning!
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Thank you so much for all your reactions. I still repeat the exercises we've done already, but it's more fun to learn new words and constructions. And I'm very curious to see what the parrots are up to next. I'm taking an online Latin course in the Netherlands at the moment, but this course takes us from no knowledge to final exam gymnasium -- normally 6 years of secondary school - in 10 months. That means very hard work and vocabulary and grammar don't have time to sink in. That is what I love about Duolingo. With all the repetition you get to really internalize the contents. And it's fun!

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