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" Mitä saisi olla? Riisiä ja kalaa, kiitos."

Translation:– What can I get you? – Some rice and fish, please.

August 1, 2020



Wow, the grammar in that: it's saada conjugated in the subjunctive 3rd singular, correct? "What could it be to get"-- just trying to understand the underlying structure. Easier for me to remember that just learning stock phrasing.


It is the conditional form. Finnish doesn't have subjunctive.


I've been studying finnish for 4 years. I usually get by by just memorizing phrasing.


To echo another comment, something like "what will it be?" or "what shall it be?" seems perfectly fine English phrasing to me, as well as capturing the Finnish a bit more literally.


I am going to risk one XP next time around and see if "what shall it be?" is accepted. If it is not, I'll report it. That's how we can have more alternate translations added to the accepted ones.


"some rice and some fish" or "rice and some fish" should be correct alternatives


Why not "rice and fish"?


Can anyone break down this question: "Mitä saisi olla?"? Literal translation makes no sense to me. Why is it in the third person and what's "olla" doing there?


Duolingo should accept more variation for this translation. It's already the third time that I am getting it reported as wrong. This time because I wrote "could" instead of "can". Reported.


'Please' or 'Thank you' should both be acceptable in this context. They certainly would be in Britain

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