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  5. "Könnten wir gehen?"

"Könnten wir gehen?"

Translation:Could we leave?

August 11, 2014



why doesn't "can we go" work?


can = können (present indicative)
could = könnten (conjunctive) / konnten (past indicative)


wie kann man in einem Satz "konnten " benutzen ?


It was not accepted.


The dictionary lists "can" but not "could" as an acceptable translation for Koennten. I'm reporting this.


It lists "could" now Jan 17


Could one translate as "Are we able to go?" ?


"Are we able to go?" / "Can we go?" are just in regular present tense - "Können wir gehen?"

But "Könnten wir gehen?" is conditional - "Could we go?" / "Would we be able to go?"

Past tense is "Konnten wir gehen?" - "Could we go?" / "Were we able to go?"

Conditional past tense is "Hätten wir gehen können?" - Could we have gone?" / "Would we have been able to go?"


Could someone please explain the difference between the past indicative and conjunctive forms i.e. when they are used? As with many things on Duolingo it kind of just assumes you know it


well ,in DW online courses I've learn that "koennen" means "can" it's in the present , "konnten" is "could" it's in the past, then "koennten" also means "could" and it's used When asking polite questions, making requests (favors, advice), expressing wishes or setting conditions like in a resturant "koennten sie mir bitte die Speisekarte bringen?"="could you please bring me the menu?" guys,please correct me if am wrong


Could it mean "Could we walk?"


Ok i'm really confused now. why are we using the past?? why i can't say "Können wir gehen?"


    Read some of the other comments and the links in them.
    Könnten is a form of the subjunctive mood, and indicates something that might be possible.
    Konnten is simply past tense.
    Können is simply present tense.

    So, your sentence means "Can we go?". Anyway, this exercise involves translating German to English, so the German phrase is set.


    Also synonymous with 'could we do one' in English slang


    Can someone please explain the difference between pronunciation of "könnten" and "konnten", or give us a good reference to describe their difference. I can't really differentiate between them and also other umlat vowels except for "a" and "ä".


    if you have been ignoring the German grammar and trying to learn the Language. using just German words and how they are used by Germans in everyday speech then this lesson is very confusing.

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