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  5. "Meillä on yksi kilo lihaa."

"Meillä on yksi kilo lihaa."

Translation:We have one kilogram of meat.

August 1, 2020



"a kilogram" is just as acceptable as "one kilogram" in English.


We have a kilogram of meat should also be correct

[deactivated user]

    I have two questions. In English, if you shorten kilogram to kilo is that wrong? Secondly, if you leave off the "of" in "of meat" is that wrong?


    It's normal usage to say kilo in English as well. However, you do need to use "of", when describing how much you have of something.

    It would also be correct to say "kilogramma" in Finnish, but that would just sound odd in normal speech. "Kilo" is always used instead.


    Kilo is generally accepted for kilogram in everyday speech and in casual writing (such as a email between friends) as well.

    You would nearly always include "of" when speaking or writing. The exception might be when writing out a list of supplies, or a recipe, e.g.,

    For our camping trip, we'll need: 3 kg beef 1 kg sausage 1kg butter 2 kg bacon 1 kg coffee

    But that's a pretty specialised case. You will never go wrong if you include "of."


    We have one kilo of meat should not be marked incorrect


    Why is " a kilogram " not accepted?

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