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"We have three children who love that forest."

Translation:Meillä on kolme lasta, jotka rakastavat tuota metsää.

August 1, 2020



Bit confused by the plural (rakastavat) here. Without the subclause, it would be singular, right? "Kolme lasta rakastaa tuota metsää"? So it is the subclause that makes it nominative and therefore plural??


My thinking went in the exact same direction... so is this a general rule or could you also use the singular form in the relative clause?


Agree. A native speaker should weigh in here, as I find it a bit confusing, too.


"KOLME lasta RAKASTAA tuota metsää" (singular) but "Meillä on kolme lasta, JOTKA RAKASTAVAT tuota metsää" (plular). BFNAX and edlerka1, you are right and yes, this is a general rule. One more example: Meillä on yksi lapsi, joka rakastaa tuota metsää - Meillä on kaksi/kolme/neljä... lasta, jotka rakastavat tuota metsää.


It's five months later, and I have the same question. I thought the "kolme lasta" would indicate "rakastaa" as the proper verb form. Would love to be enlightened.


To echo others here. Also I would expect at least that the two verbs - "olla" and "rakastaa" conform.


Why is the verb not conjugated to rakastaa?

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