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"Haluan lukea sängyssä, vaikka olen väsynyt."

Translation:I want to read in bed, although I am tired.

August 1, 2020



I was wrong even though although is the same as even though


IN BED AND IN THE BED are both the same


Why isn't "I would like to read in bed," considered incorrect when in the last segment only this phrasing was accepted over "I want...?" To me, DL choice as to which is correct in whatever context is inconsistent and confusing.


It seems consistent according to my observations. More specifically, when there is the -isi- infix in a verb indicating conditional mood, for example in the verb "haluaisin", then "would" is required in its translation. When that infix isn't there, for example in the verb "haluan", then "would" is not required in its translation.


Thank you. I think I see what you're saying. I have noticed the "infix" as you call it, and I didn't know that "would" was required in it's translation. Now, if I can remember that...


I like this sentence

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