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  5. "Väinö haluaa jäätelöä."

"Väinö haluaa jäätelöä."

Translation:Väinö wants some ice cream.

August 1, 2020



I have noticed in many exercises when we are required to type the English translation there is no opportunity to insert an accent. Please could this be added

[deactivated user]

    You might want to specify the platform you are working from. I work from PC (linux), I prefer keyboard and my web interface shows the characters ä and ö below the square where you type. Those characters are in a button, so get inserted where you cursor is at. Also, I use the international English keyboard that allows for combination of accent-like characters (', ") and normal characters within reason. So I don't really need those buttons.

    Maybe you are not using a PC, but a cell phone? In that case I don't know how it works.


    You can include rhe Finnish keyboard as an option on a smart phone

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