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Suggestion - High Score Table?

I think it would be a good idea for Duolingo to have some kind of global high score table for all of the users. There would be one for skill points, and one for translations. Now it might seem like there wouldn't be a lot of depth to this - but there could also be sorting by only skill points earned today, this week, this month, this year, and all time! I think this would add a very competitive feel to Duolingo (that of course people could ignore if they wanted to go at their own pace), but also motivate people to translate more than people who aren't even on their own friend lists. Could this be added in the future?

August 20, 2012



The top translator of the year should win a barrel of beer brewed in Duolingo's basement by the CEO himself.


I think that would be a really cool feature! It would certainly add more motivation to translate and learn more :)


Thumbs up for highscore table and statistics! We want these numbers :)

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