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The placement test won't work - Help D:

Each time I do the Dutch placement test (I've done it about 10 times already), when I get approximately halfway, a window pops up saying "We're sorry, Duolingo is experiencing problems now. Please try this test again later.", which leaves me positively flabbergasted. It is quite bothersome since I have to start the test over every time. Does anyone have the same problem?

August 11, 2014



I had the same problem, came to the conclusion i might not be making enough mistakes so i tested out at the last checkpoint and then tested out all the skills that were left.

Don't know if my conclusion was right though.

(I am dutch)


yes, quite sure it is the not enough errors thing (also native dutch here). One of the dutch moderators told me that they are aware of the problem but its duolingo's task to fix it. It's been going on for as long as the dutch course is running as far as I know.


Did you try closing your browser and then try again?


I tried yesterday and today. It still isn't working, closing browser doesn't help.

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