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"Tuolla on kolme suurta saarta."

Translation:There are three large islands over there.

August 2, 2020



"big islands" should be acceptable, as well, since "big" is the translation for "suuri" in numerous other questions.


I translated it as "Over there are three big islands" and was marked wrong. I flagged it, and I'm confident the English syntax is perfectly correct, but is my translation as correct as I think it is, or am I ignoring an important detail that makes it wrong?


I gave the same answer and was also marked wrong. I am an English speaker with a good knowledge of grammar; this is a perfectly correct alternative translation.


Three island are over there should be correct too

Edit: Three big/large islands...


There was "suurta", so, not really.


Ofcourse with big, but that was not my problem with the sentence. It is the extra there in the sentence that is not necessary in my opinion


❤❤❤, really. You put both "large" and "big" in the pool but note only one of those as correct. That's just unbelievably lousy. I understand you don't have a y linguists in the team but there's no editor with a sharp eye, neither. Come on, Finland can do better, I can confirm that as an Estonian.


The course is still in beta. Always report (by clicking the flag) if you find an error, missing translation etc. Then the team can actually see that there's something that possibly needs to be fixed. After they make the necessary changes, it takes a couple of weeks for Duolingo to update and include them.

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