"Cia mheud sgian?"

Translation:How many knives?

August 2, 2020

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I really hear Cò mheud. Is this inherently wrong or aside from what is said also a correct solution?


They are interchangeable :)


It sounds to me like something halfway between "cò" and "cia", more like "ce" (a neutral /e/ - schwah - sound.) But more like "cò" than "cia". I did report it for "audio does not sound correct" but maybe it is OK in a particular dialect? Unfortunately my Scottish Gaelic is very beginner level.


This one came up again as an audio so I decided to go with the "use word bank" option. The only option here is "cia". The speaker is the same one for the single word as it is for the whole sentence. I don't know if the speaker is saying it correctly or not. Checked "forvo" but the pronunciation of "cia mheud" is pending (Dec 12 20), so no further ahead!


not interchangeable according to my attempt


Not interchangeable in audio exercises unfortunately :(


Why cia and not cò?

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