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Walking the dog

The 'correct' translation for "I walk my dog" is "je promène mon chien". My answer of "je marche mon chien" was rejected.

Both marcher and promener mean "to walk" but obviously there's a subtle difference. Can anyone explain it?

August 20, 2012



"marcher" is a non transitive verb. You cannot walk someone or something. by the way, "promener ton chien" may be done on your own feet (walking) or on your bicycle on horse (riding), event driving your car... that's the advantage of "promener" in this case, you don't need to specify how you do it... "se promener" is reflexive (you walk yourself) and translates in "walk", "go for a walk/stroll".


I assume it's because you are "taking the dog for a walk" (promener) which is akin to "leading somebody somewhere" (amener), as opposed to just plain walking. I'm sure someone else can shed a brighter light on the subject for you.


You can just remember that there are different verbs for walking yourself and walking somebody. This is a common thing when you use languages.

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