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How do you assign work to students?

I am having trouble assigning work and receiving work from the students in my Duolingo class.

August 2, 2020



You need to instruct your students to click on the blue silhouette in the upper right. Scroll down to "settings," and click on "progress sharing." Then they can enter the class code that you the teacher find when you click on "Invite Students" in Duolingo for Schools.

As for "receiving work" -- There is nothing to receive. You will be able to assign things, and then you will be able to track students' activity. Since Duolingo is adaptive (that is, the students can't progress until they get everything right), there is no reason to send you anything other than the data of "they have done it," "they are in the middle of doing it." or "they haven't started."

Hope this helps!


Your Duolingo class does not yet have any students in it.
Maybe that is the problem?


I don't know how to do it

  1. You must be an educator

  2. Have you made a class? (www.schools.duolingo.com)

  3. Do you have students in it? Get the code from your classroom.

  4. Then, you will be able to click on "Assignments" on the left.

Ask questions here if you still have problems.

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