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"L'appartamento del postino è qui."

Translation:The mailman's apartment is here.

August 11, 2014



Are qui and qua interchangeable?


I need to know this as well


Actually, in two Vasco Rossi songs — 'E già' (he uses 'sono ancora qua'), and 'Vieni Qui', and other examples, qua seems more static and qui appears to involve more movement. However, my Italian friend suggested that they're more or less now interchangeable. She thinks there's a fair bit of laziness creeping into the language though


My answer was right. We call them postmen in England


The apartment of the postmail is here…..why is wrong?


What is the difference between qua and qui? And also between lì and là?


The pair are often interchangable but consider thinking this right here, somewhere near here vs that just over there or that place very far from me: qui is more localised & specific close to the speaker like "my house"; qua covers a wider & more general area like a city or country. Similarly lì is more localised or exact but still far away; là is far from the speaker but more approximate. Exceptions 'quello là' is specific but just not as near as 'questo qua'. When speaking don't agonise, just say one or other and still be understood.


UK = postal worker, postman, postwoman. Not mailman.


Postman= mailman.


DL told me I could use mail carrier then marked me incorrect


I put mail carrier


I love that these sentences teach us by keeping us thinking... But unless the postman doubles as a doctor in a small provincial town... Where we all live.... Lol!


I translated as The postman's apartment is here. It was marked wrong. I'm in the UK. We do not say mailman!


In the U.S. we usually say letter carrier, though "postino" is masculine.

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