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Algunas veces mi parece que las novelas palabras son demasiado novelas

For instance I am shown the picture of a cross and asked to enter the word in Spanish, withouth any introduction. It just happened I knew it is 'el cruz' but otherwise i would have lost a bonus heart.

August 20, 2012



At the risk of sounding pedantic, but in the belief we are here to learn, I would like to correct your question as follows: "A veces me parece que las nuevas palabras son demasiado nuevas". Actually, the meaning of novela is novel (as in a book). Also mi, or actually mí is only used after prepositions like para, por, a, ... Furthermore, cruz is femenine so it is la cruz. However, it's a good thing you try to formulate questions in Spanish, as this is the best way to learn!


I noticed that too, subconsciously. :-)


I am thinking that we are expected to drop hearts for new words. It seems to be the way the program is written. Apparently its more efficient to write the program like this, but causes us to have to redo some exercises, as the first time through we bomb out just getting to learn the new words.

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