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  5. "Eu não vi ninguém."

"Eu não vi ninguém."

Translation:I did not see anybody.

May 17, 2013



Wouldn't this be a double negative in Portuguese? ninguém = nobody along with the não on the verb. It would read something like "I did not see nobody".


In Portuguese we use double negative... i'll put some literal translations: "não comemos nada" = "we didnt eat nothing" / "não foram a nenhum lugar" = "they didnt go nowhere" / "ele não fez nada" = "he didnt do nothing". That may sound a bit strange, but we say things this way...


Fair enough. Thanks.


Would it be incorrect to say "comemos nada" or "ele fez nada"?


Yeah,we dont say things this way. Some people who stop to think about the language think: "but if we "não comemos nada" we ate something!!!! How can we "not eat nothing"??? Its strange, even though we use double negative everytime, everywhere! Another example: " ele NUNCA come NADA" (he NEVER eats NOTHING)!!! But that means "he never eats anything"


That's really interesting, obrigado novamente!

[deactivated user]

    It's also commonplace in the hood to use double negative with the dindus who dindu nuffin.


    So, doub negatives are common in Portuguese like Spanish?

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