"Ann an eaglais."

Translation:In a church.

August 3, 2020

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Why is it "In a church" and not "In the church"?


Because there’s no the anywhere in the sentence.

  • ann anin,
  • eaglaisa church.

ann an is the preposition in, you can think about it as a single word (historically in was just an, but because it looks like the definite article it was kinda ambiguous, am bàta could mean both ‘the boat’ and ‘in a boat’, it started to be doubled to disambiguate: ann am bàta ‘there, in a boat’, ‘in-it, in a boat’).

The preposition ann an changes to anns before the definite article, thus ann an eaglais in a church vs anns an eaglais in the church, ann am bàta in a boat vs anns a’ bhàta in the boat, ann am pàirc in a park vs anns a’ phàirc in the park, ann an coilltean in woods vs anns na coilltean in the woods.

This is mentioned in the tips and notes to the Countries skill. You can read the tips and notes in the web browser version of Duolingo at https://duolingo.com and on the https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd website. The tips and notes might not be available in the Duolingo mobile app, so if you’re on mobile, you might want to use your browser for reading.

You might also want to read the Ann an article in the Akerbeltz wiki.


What would be just, "In church"?

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