"Tha an duine a' sreap."

Translation:The person is climbing.

August 3, 2020

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I thought duine also meant husband or man?


duine on its own means both a person or a man (and I think the man is climbing should be accepted here).

It also might translate to husband in some contexts, esp. to say my husband or X’s husband an expression an duine agam, an duine aig X is commonly used, lit. something like the man of mine, the man of X.

To say that somebody is a husband (ie. a married man) you’d probably say something like fear-pòsta (lit. married man), you could possibly also say fear-cèile (lit. man-partner). And to say my partner, spouse (wife or husband) you could just say mo chèile. There is just no single simple noun for husband in Gaelic and you use one of the above depending on context and intended meaning.

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