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Practice Weakest Spanish Words

Whenever I go to Vocabulary to practice my weakest words and I hit the blue button saying 'start practice' it are rather my strongest words that show up in the exercise! I would really like to have the opportunity to actually practice my weakest ones that way, does anybody know what's the matter and how I can fix it?

August 20, 2012



You can go up to "vocabulary" and see a list of all the exercises you've completed along with which words are in your short term, mid-term or long term memory. You can also just select a particular word and see all the sentences in which you've used that particular word. Or you can select a practice from a lesson picking one which contains words not yet in your long term memory. However, when you do the regular practice, it seems easy, because it starts at a low level but if you do them continously it will evevtually get your thru all the lessons again.


'but why?'? But why what?

Why do I want to practise my weakest words? Well, to improve them and so my Spanish, of course.

Why am I experiencing this weird problem? If I knew that I'd have found a way to fix it or reported it as an error to the admins.

I can't think of another 'why', but let me know if it's not one of the two above.


Yeah, I've used the 'practice weakest words' a few times also. It always offers up ridiculously easy words. Not useful.


I'll have to go back and check out the features that I've been missing. Looks like I don't know some of the tools in the toolbox.


Hmm, I see.. Still I think it should let me practise my weakest words right away, but I'll just try to do it more often and see if it'll work better. Thanks~! :3

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